Dana Stibolt

Another successful Vintage Mac data recovery: A PowerBook G4 from 2003!A

A MacMedics customer asked us to recover the data off this PowerNook G4 12-inch from 2003. They had taken it to another shop where they couldn’t figure out how to take it apart and actually broke the Mac’s case. Also, some of the screws were missing (not cool). This particular Mac is notoriously difficult to take apart! They couldn’t get it turned on for whatever reason, but we did, so there was never any reason to disassemble the Mac to get to the hard drive. We recovered their data by copying it through the Terminal because the hard drive was semi-damaged due to age and wear-n-tear. We regularly recover data from vintage or obsolete Macs or PCs, and it’s generally not a big deal for us. If this customer had decided to ship this unit away for clean room data recovery, it probably would’ve cost somewhere between $600 and $2,000 for the recovery. We’re charging them just $100 for the data copy.