Dana Stibolt

“Damn, I wish I had your business sense, Dude”!

Here’s what my client said to me when I broke this all down for him: “Damn, I wish I had your business sense, Dude”!

One of my coaching clients, whom I have been working with for about a year, has an established business. He does quite well, but he has very general service offerings, some of which are the same as gigantic big-time national firms.

I’ve been working with him to fine-tune his offerings and find a niche that suits his specialized skills.

I referred a MacMedics customer to him for some special skills that I know he has. That project worked out great, so I developed a unique selling proposition that fits his special skills. As a result, he has something unique that nobody else in the country is offering.

I tested this theory by putting out some feelers to some other firms that touched on his offerings, and I am still waiting for those firms to get back to me, which I assume means they are incapable of doing what he does.

Working as a specialized consultant working in this one niche it would be worth $200,000 a year. The work is easy, and it’s something he knows extremely well, and he also happens to enjoy doing it.

Read this excellent review that came in from the project I set up for him:

“I am so excited that I can’t even express my joy.  It has been over a year of dealing with this crap, and now it is resolved!  Yeah!

Now that we are all done, you can see why I was so concerned that you pilot this project.  I could never have even understood the processes you went through to get us from there to here.

Let me show my gratitude with a check for your services.  And anything I can do to write a review of your awesomeness on any website (Google or other), tell me, and I’ll get it done.

You are amazing!”