Dana Stibolt

Go ahead and hang your shingle up! Don’t overanalyze and paralyze!

One of my life and business coaching clients needed help acting on his unique selling proposition. I wanted him to rise to the top as an expert in the space that he was in, so I took the reins and built a new website for him. It was not hard. I used voice-to-text to just “brain dump” everything I wanted to say about him and his insane skills. I handed that information off to my web designer, who is in Pakistan, and had a new website up and running by the next day. Easy!
Was it perfect? No, it was not, but it was also not wrong. It had the needed info, and by getting the site out to the Internet, my client could gain time for the new site’s SEO to work. Over time we honed the website together and added more content. We’re still adding to it.
The story’s moral here is not to overanalyze the situation working in the background for a year trying to make a new website perfect before it went online. In about 24-hours, we had a new site to promote his expert skills. Boom!