Dana Stibolt

I have used this trick to save customers’ data thousands of times! Now, it’s no longer possible!

MacBook Pro 2012 15-inch destroyed by ex-life-partner!

This MacBook Pro 2012 15” was unfortunately destroyed by a MacMedics customer’s ex-life-partner. We don’t know the story behind the devasting damage (I checked to see if it still powered on, but it did not), but the good news is that I could remove the SATA hard drive, and it still worked! Once again, I was able to save someone’s data by using this technique. The issue today is that all new Macs, both laptops and desktops, have built-in hard drives that are not removable; this is why it’s so important to back up your data via Time Machine. Do you need help getting started with Time Machine? If so, that’s a free service we offer to the community. Call the shop (410-987-8588) to book a complimentary 15-minute consulting session with me or one of my colleagues.