Dana Stibolt

It’s nice to have a friend in the business!

A friend of a customer emailed me in a panic about a technology problem. She was registered for an out-of-town trade show to promote her business and had been told she would need to rent a bunch of gear for the show. She was ready to hire me to help, and since I also run a computer business, she was also planning on renting said gear from me. She told me what she needed, and I could give her a solution to solve her issues. In about 5 minutes, I gave her two tips that negated the need to rent anything, buy anything extra, or hire anyone to help. It’s nice to have a friend in the business! #nocharge

“Oh my gosh. You’re brilliant. That’s a great idea. Thanks so much, Dana.”

Cindy K. Sherman, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, The Write Turn