Dana Stibolt

Want to know what really touched my heart today?

While changing batteries in a TV Remote is not part of the Apple work I normally perform at MacMedics, I do love helping folks who need tech assistance. It’s a thing when you are in the neighborhood computer shop, and I love it!
This is a note from 2017 that our customer Mellisa posted on our Facebook page.
“Want to know what really touched my heart today? A true friend who stopped his very busy day attending to his very important business when my 80-year-old Dad came into his Mac repair store looking for help because his TV remote had stopped working. Thank you, Dana Stibolt, for being such a good-hearted, unselfish, unpretentious person and a true friend. I just love how my Dad felt comfortable enough to come to you for help with what likely would appear to others as a ridiculous, trivial matter.”