Dana Stibolt

Why MacBook Pros and milk don’t mix!

Here, I am talking about why AppleCare+ is such a good investment! This is the SECOND time this customer has had a liquid spill incident, and this time, it was a full glass of milk! Also, I talk about why it’s so important to have a backup of your data on newer Macs, as the hard drive is embedded into the logic board. That means if your computer dies, your data dies with it! It can be VERY expensive ($1,000 to $10,000!) to have a data recovery firm recover your data in a situation like this.

Don’t forget on these older Macs coming up on three years of AppleCare+; you can NOW renew AppleCare+ the day after it expires! Don’t miss out on that, as it’s unlikely that Apple will remind you. Go to “About this Mac” and check your support tab, and it will tell you when your coverage is ending. Also, you can look on the Apple Support App on your iPhone or at www.support.apple.com

How to renew AppleCare+